Dog Waste Bags - Dog Positive Logo

Dog Waste Bags - Dog Positive Logo

One of our "pet" peeves is people not picking up after their dogs.  We encourage people to set an example and do the right thing.  These Dog Waste bags, with the traditional Dog Positive logo on them, are perfect for showing that you are a proud member of the Dog Positive community and even better for handing to someone who "forgot" their doggie waste bag or, if you are not feeling quite so brave, to leave on windshields.  :)

Each roll has 15 bags.  You have the option to buy 3 rolls or 10 rolls.  If you buy 10 rolls we will throw in an extra roll!

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We chose to use Bio-Buddy brand of dog waste bags which are made from recycled plastic and bio based resin.  This combination creates a biohybrid™ dog waste bag that reuses and conserves resources - without the problems associated with “biodegradable” dog waste bags.  these bags are strong and will not become brittle and break into little bits of plastic litter when stored.

Bio-Buddy dog waste bags comply with Federal Trade Commission Green Guidelines.  The guidelines recommend that dog waste bags not be biodegradable. Bio-buddy dog waste bags are NOT “biodegradable”, but rather respect the environment by using recycled plastic and renewable bio based resin.

Our bags are scent free.