Welcome to Dog Positive!!

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Our mission is a simple one:  "Improve the quality of life for all dogs."   We think that increasing the number responsible dog owners in the world would have a significant impact. Responsible owners means better behaved, happier dogs. An increased number of better behaved dogs means less dogs taken to animal shelters, more dog friendly parks, more dog friendly places of business and restaurants, more dog friendly apartments and house rentals, more dog friendly travel destinations, and more dog friendly communities. In fact, as we start to achieve our goal, it will improve the quality of lives for dogs .. and their people too!

How do we plan on doing this?  We here at Dog Positive believe in rewards for good behavior. This goes for your dog and for you. You reward your dog for its good behavior, we reward you for your responsible behavior. Together we can make a change in how dogs are welcomed in our communities and make it safe and pleasant for everyone. Positive reinforcement. Positive Behavior. DogPositive®.

Our rewards will start off small at first.  As we grow, we will introduce the concept that every dog can be an AmbassaDog®.  We are in the process of defining The AmbassaDog™ Challenge. The AmbassaDog® Challenge is not just for the perfect dog. It is for every dog to strive, learn, and perform to the best of his or her ability. Dogs will excel in some areas but not in others. That is ok, an AmbassaDog™ is a dog that is living and learning to its full potential and is a valued member of its family and community.

It will take the power of all of us to acheive our goal.  We know that at first the majority of our members will already be responsible dog owners.  We will count on you to lead by example, actively participate on our website and in The AmbassaDog® Challenge when it is ready, and be proud members of the Dog Positive community.  Let's make being a responsible dog owner fun! (Click here to read more about what you can do)